Half-Year Report H1 - 2016

The EXOR Group closes the first half of 2016 with a consolidated profit of €430.3 million; the first half of 2015 ended with a consolidated profit of €219.3 million. The increase of €211 million is primarily due to a higher share of the profit (loss) of investments (€267.4 million, of which €151.7 million relates to the first-time consolidation of PartnerRe), higher dividends received (€16.6 million, of which €16.1 million distributed by PartnerRe before acquisition of control), as well as other net positive changes (€0.8 million), partially offset by the decrease in gains on the disposal of investments (€41.6 million), the increase in net financial expenses on debt (€6.5 million) and in non-recurring net expenses (€25.7 million) principally in connection with the acquisition of PartnerRe).

US$ millions3/1/2009(a)12/31/201506/30/2016
2,921 11,037 14,901
Financial investments
274 631 409
Cash and cash equivalents 1,121 4,393 170
Treasury stock
19 231 194
Gross Asset Value
4,335 16,292 15,674
Gross Debt
(1,157) (2,937) (4,173)
Net Asset Value (NAV) 2,968 13,355 11,501
(a) Effective date of the merger of IFIL in IFI and the name change of the latter to EXOR.

NAV: evolution 12.31.2015 -06.30.2016

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