5. Net general expenses

In 2012, net general expenses amount to €24.5 million, with a decrease of €1.8 million compared with the prior year (€26.3 million).
The balance includes the nominal cost of the EXOR stock incentive plans for a total of €3.3 million (€1.7 million in 2011). The increase of €1.6 million derives mainly from the new grants awarded during 2012 under the EXOR 2008-2019 Stock Option Plan and the new Incentive Plan approved on May 29, 2012. Further details are provided in the section on equity in note 10.
Details of the main items of net general expenses are as follows:

€ million 2012   2011   Change
Personnel costs (11,9)   (11,2)   (0,7)
Compensation to and other costs relating to directors (5,1)   (6,4)   1,3
Purchases of goods and services (6,3)   (7,7)   1,4
Other operating expenses, net of revenues and cost recoveries (1,2) (a) (1,0) (a) (0,2)
Total (24,5)   (26,3)   1,8
(a) Includes principally expenses connected with the management of the investments of the subsidiary EXOR S.A. for €0.9 million (€2.2 million in 2011).
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