6. Non-recurring other income (expenses) and general expenses

In 2012, the net expense balance is €2.5 million with a net increase of €0.8 million compared with 2011 (-€1.7 million). Details are as follows:

€ million 2012   2011   Change
Expenses connected with employee reduction plan (1,1)   (8,3)   7,2
Expenses incurred for defense in legal cases (1,1) (a) (0,8)   (0,3)
Expenses connected with the valuation/execution of investment projects (0,6)   (0,3)   (0,3)
Sundry other income (expenses) 0,3   7,7 (b) (7,4)
Total (2,5)   (1,7)   (0,8)
(a) Of which €0.2 million was incurred for the defense in the cases relating to the content of the press releases issued by IFIL and Giovanni Agnelli e C. on August 24, 2005. (b) Includes mainly the gain on the sale of the building realized by the merged company EXOR Services (€7.1 million) and the gain on the fair value change of the Alpitour stock option plan (€0.9 million).


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