Lettera 3M - 2015

The EXOR Group closes the first quarter of 2015 with a consolidated profit of €40.6 million; the first quarter of 2014 ended with a consolidated loss of €38.1 million. The positive change of €78.7 million is mainly due to the increase in the share of the results of the investment holdings of €78 million.

At March 31, 2015 the consolidated equity attributable to owners of the parent amounts to €8,725.5 million and shows a net increase of €730.5 million compared to €7,995 million at year-end 2014.

The consolidated net financial position of the Holdings System at March 31, 2015 is a positive €582.1 million and shows an increase of €19.1 million compared to the balance of €563 million at the end of 2014.

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