1. Share of the profit (loss) of investments accounted for using the equity method

In the first half of 2015, the share of the profit (loss) of the investments accounted for using the equity method is a profit of €184.7 million, with an increase of €90.9 million compared to the balance recorded in the half of 2014 of €93.8 million. The positive change reflects principally the increase in the share of the profit of FCA (+€136.4 million) and Juventus Football Club S.p.A. (+€13.6 million), partially offset by the decrease in the profit of CNH Industrial (-€59.6 million).

  Profit (loss) (million)
EXOR's share (€ million)
 Half I
Half I
  2015   2014 Change
2015 2014 Change
FCA (a)
398.0  (14.3)  412.3126.5
(9.9) 136.4
CNH Industrial (a)
$ 206.0  $ 543.8  (337.8)50.7 110.3 (59.6)
Almacantar£ 1.8  £ 1.1  0.70.9
0.5 0.4
Juventus Football Club S.p.A. 10.2
(b) (11.1)
(b) 21.36.5 (7.1) 13.6
Arenella Immobiliare
0.1  n.s.  -0.1 - 0.1
Total           184.7 93.8 90.9
(a) Includes consolidation adjustments. (b) The profit or loss relating to the accounting data prepared for consolidation in EXOR refers to the period January 1 to June 30.

For comments on the performance of the principal operating subsidiaries and associates, please refer to the following sections. It should be noted that Juventus Football Club and C&W Group (reclassified to non-current assets held for sale in accordance with IFRS 5) are affected by significant seasonal factors typical of their respective business sectors.

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