6. Non-recurring other income (expenses) and general expenses

In 2011, this line item is a negative €1.6 million with a net decrease of €18.3 million compared to 2010 (€19.9 million). Details are as follows:

€ million 2011 2010 Change
Fair value adjustment of Alpitour stock option plan 0.9 (9.7) 10.6
Expenses connected with  employee reduction plan (8.3) (2.9) (5.4)
Expenses incurred for defense in legal cases (0.8) (4.8) 4.0
Expenses connected with the valuation/execution of investment projects (0.3) (2.0) 1.7
Gain on the sale of the building by  merged company Exor Services 7.1 0.0 7.1
Sundry other income (expenses) (0.2) (0.5) 0.3
Total (1.6) (19.9) 18.3

In 2011, the fair value adjustment of the Alpitour stock option plan is positive for €0.9 million and represents the difference between the amount paid to the recipients and the amount payable at December 31, 2010.

In 2011, the expenses connected with employee reduction plan refer to EXOR and the merged company EXOR Services for €4.7 million (€2.9 million in 2010) and a foreign subsidiary for €3.6 million.

In 2011, the fees incurred for defense in legal cases are equal to €0.8 million and mainly refer to the fees incurred for legal assistance in the cases relating to the content of the press releases issued by IFIL and by Giovanni Agnelli e C. on August 24, 2005 (€4.3 million in 2010).

Sundry other income (expenses) shows the expenses incurred for the transfer of the corporate headquarters from Corso Matteotti 26 to Via Nizza 250.
In 2010, the balance was -€0.5 million and included expenses in connection with the early liquidation of Fondo Integrativo Aziendale (€0.3 million), and other expenses of €0.2 million.

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