Letter 1 H - 2016

The EXOR Group closes the first half of 2016 with a consolidated profit of €430.3 million; the first half of 2015 ended with a consolidated profit of €219.3 million. The increase of €211 million is primarily due to a higher share of the profit (loss) of investments (€267.4 million, of which €151.7 million relates to the first-time consolidation of PartnerRe), higher dividends received (€16.6 million, of which €16.1 million distributed by PartnerRe before acquisition of control), as well as other net positive changes (€0.8 million), partially offset by the decrease in gains on the disposal of investments (€41.6 million), the increase in net financial expenses on debt (€6.5 million) and in non-recurring net expenses (€25.7 million) principally in connection with the acquisition of PartnerRe).

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