So as to ensure timely, comprehensive and updated information about its goals and the most important events affecting its business, in 2014 EXOR has continued to communicate and broaden relations with the various national and international operators of the financial press, as well as financial analysts, institutional investments and retail investors. 

The publication of the Letter to Shareholders, which for five years now denotes an occasion to communicating especially with the financial community, offers an opportunity to sum up the performance of the main investments and EXOR’s strategy for the growth of the Company.

Both topics were covered in greater detail by top management during the conference call with investors and financial analysts at the end of the annual general meeting of the shareholders in May.

The offices for media and investor relations can also be contacted at:

External Relations and Media Relations

Tel. +39.011.5090320

Fax +39.011.5090386 

Institutional Investors and Financial Analysts Relations

e con gli analisti finanziari

Tel. +39.011.5090345

Fax +39.011.5090260


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