5. Net general expenses

In 2014 net general expenses amount to €21.3 million, with a decrease of €4.7 million compared to the prior year (€26 million) arising principally from the reduction in personnel costs.

The balance includes the notional cost of the EXOR stock option plans of approximately €3.3 million (€4.7 million in 2013). The reduction of €1.4 million is attributable to the forfeiture of the options on the Stock Option Plan EXOR 2008-2019 and the Stock Option Plan EXOR 2012-2021. Additional details are provided on capital issued and reserves attributable to owners of the parent in the following Note 10.

Details of the main items are as follows:

€ million 2014 2013 Change
Personnel costs (9.7) (13.9) 4.2
Compensation to and other costs relating to directors (5.3) (5.3) 0
Purchases of goods and services (6.5) (6.0) (0.5)
Other operating expenses, net of revenues and cost recoveries 0.2 (0.8) 1
Total (21.3) (26.0) 4.7



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