The dividends and distributions of reserves already approved by or collected from some investment holdings are as follow.

  Share class Number of shares Dividends
Investee company Per share (€) Total (€/ml)
FCA N.V.(a) ordinary 449,410,092 0.65 292
CNH Industrial N.V. ordinary 366,927,900 0.18 66
Ferrari N.V. ordinary 44,435,280 1.03 46
PartnerRe Ltd.(b) common 100,000,000  n/a 70
Holdings System's share of dividends       474
(a) FCA has declared the intention to distribute an extraordinary dividend of €2 billion (EXOR pro-quota approx. €580 million) after the closing of Magneti Marelli disposal. (b) $ 80 million converted at the exchange rate of €/$ 1.387 at 21 March 2019.



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