In 2011, relations with financial analysts, with retail and institutional investors and with the Italian and international financial press were conducted by EXOR with the aim of promoting transparent and precise information. This has progressed above all because of periodic financial reporting and, particularly, the contents of the Letter to Shareholders: a letter that over the course of the years has become a firm point of reference for communicating with the financial market as well as a privileged occasion for sharing the fundamental elements of the company’s strategy with the general public
The Investor Relations and Media Offices illustrated what’s new at EXOR, investment portfolio changes and financial results and are available for one-on-one meetings to expand on specific topics.  
In April 2011 – on the occasion of the shareholders’ meeting – a traditional conference call was set up which during the years has gathered together a growing number of analysts and investors.
The appointment, which every year closes the day dedicated to its stakeholders, allowed EXOR’s top management to give a detailed illustration of the performance of its subsidiaries and associates, especially those that are unlisted.
Finally, during the last few weeks of the year, EXOR designed an “Interactive Annual Report” project which will be added to the company’s website The aim is to offer, starting from this Annual Report 2011, another tool that will make it possible to more quickly and effectively consult the Report on Operations.
Below are references for the corporate services in charge of media and investor relations:


External Relations and Media Relations
Tel. +39.011.5090320
Fax +39.011.5090386


Institutional Investors and
Financial Analysts Relations
Tel. +39.011.5090345
Fax +39.011.5090260



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