EXOR N.V. does not prepare budgets or business plans nor does it publish forecast data or data on the basis of which it is possible to calculate forecast data.

Certain EXOR operating subsidiaries (FCA, Ferrari and CNH Industrial) publish forecast data on their performance. Other operating subsidiaries (PartnerRe and Juventus Football Club) publish information on the foreseeable outlook. Additional information is provided under “Review of performance of the Operating Subsidiaries” in the Board Report.

The forecast data and information of the aforementioned operating companies are drawn up autonomously and communicated by the respective companies and are not homogeneous. Quantitative forecast disclosures prepared by these operating companies and the type of information provided, as well as the underlying assumptions and calculation methods vary according to the accounting principles applicable to each subsidiary and the conventional application practices in the respective sector of reference.

EXOR N.V. in fact, is a holding company without a specific business of reference, head of a diversified and non-integrated group that operates in different segments and does not exercise direction and coordination activities over its subsidiaries, which operate in a completely independent manner.

EXOR N.V. deems that the forecast data and information of the subsidiaries are not significant or suitable for the purposes of providing indications about the prospective economic trend of EXOR N.V.’s operations nor represent a forecast or estimate of the company’s results and that therefore in assessing EXOR N.V.’s future prospects it is not possible to rely on the data and prospective information published by the aforesaid operating subsidiaries.


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