The dividends and distributions of reserves already proposed by the board of directors of some subsidiaries are as follows:

 Number of sharesDividends
Investee companyPer share (€)Total (€/million)
Ferrari N.V.44,435,2800.8739
Stellantis N.V.449,410,0920.32144
Stellantis N.V. (extraordinary dividend related the merger between PSA and FCA)449,410,0921.84 827
Stellantis N.V. (cash proceeds from the distribution of Faurecia)(a)449,410,0920.09667743
CNH Industrial N.V.366,927,900 0.1140
Holdings System's share of dividends   1,093
(a) In addition Exor received no. 7,653,004 ordinary shares of Faurecia (equal to €363 million considering the market value per share at the date of distribution).
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