Financial communication promoted by EXOR regarding the main corporate events of the Company continued during 2012 with the aim of ensuring precise and comprehensive information and delivering data and updates in response to the need to keep the national and international financial community (institutional investors in the stock and bond markets, retail investors and the financial press) informed on a daily basis.

Multiple forms of communication are used, including institutional documentation (financial statements, interim reports and corporate presentations), press releases and also dedicated meetings with analysts and investors organized on request. Moreover, the annual Letter addressed to the Shareholders has made it possible to share the analyses on the Company’s investments and provide indications as to EXOR’s long-term strategy.

In May, the shareholders’ meeting and the conference call stand out as privileged moments of dialogue with management.

Finally, communication via web has continued to be aimed at improving the usefulness of information in the Italian and English languages by implementing new tools such as the Company’s interactive financial statements, stepping up the mailing service and enhancing the sections of the corporate website dedicated to investors.

The offices for media and investor relations can also be contacted at the following:

External Relations and Media Relations
Tel. +39.011.5090320
Fax +39.011.5090386


Institutional Investors and
Financial Analysts Relations
Tel. +39.011.5090345
Fax +39.011.5090260



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